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“Attawut Thai Traditional Medical Center” founded in Nakhon Ratchasima in 1978 by Dr. Attawut Sutthichaimongkol, Thai traditional medical doctor. Our center provides services in medicine and medical examination to the local community, districts and the nearby provinces as an alternative medication. Having decades of experiences, we believed it is fair to call ourselves an expert in formulating and manufacturing the alternative Thai traditional medicines.

The second branch of the center called “House of Attawut, Thai Traditional Medical & Health Center” is now overating. This branch provides full service in alternative medicine and medical examination running by the teams of Thai traditional medical doctors and modern pharmacists.

Attawut Thai Traditional Medical Center is not only the alternative medical clinic, we are also a manufacturer of our own medicines. This year (2020) is the 36th year of our service. We continue to focus on producing quality products, giving the highest benefits to public, with the reasonable-price. To maintain our standard, the production of each and every product is guided and controled by our specialist pharmacists and Thai traditional doctors.

With the exclusive extraction technique using zero chemical solvent, our products are 100% safe and non-residue. We apply Science and Arts of medicine compounding called “Synergist”, the meticulous drug element selection that provides delicate and effective treatment of diseases.

Our medicine formulation is copyrighted. We use only fresh organic raw materials from the local farmers to make sure each herbal element contain all the important medicine substances, and give the expectable results.


1. Produce quality products using natural raw materials, not add color, not add flavor and not use chemicals
2. Develop new products to be the alternatives for preventing and healing sickness instead of chemical drug
3. Research and develop good quality Thai herb product
4. Promote Thai herbs and Nature conservation

Medicine compounding is a science that requires the spcialist to perform.
We formulate medicines with safety of our patients in mind. Our compounding
is base on the synergist mixture of the medicine taste and property.

We use raw materials from the local farmers in Wang Nam Khiao.
by not wasting time to transport herbs from a distant location, our
medicines are fresh and full of important substances.

Our Copyright extraction technique, we are the only brand that not only
extract herbs into powder form, but also coat the powder to seal in the
important medicine quality. All process is 100% chemical free.

         IT’S SAFE
Our production is
GMP certified from
Thai FDA. All products
manufacuring process
is safety standard

       IT  WORKS
Our returning clients
guarantee the results We are trusted and referred to for more than 30 years.

Our Thai herbs

We use herbs from Wang Nam Khiao district, southern part of Nakhon Ratchasima province, Thailand. Wang Nam Khiao is a mountainous area that is famous for its excellent air quality. The weather and soil here are perfect for Agriculture. We’ve been working with local farmers in Wang Nam Khiao for decades under contract farming (MOU). All herbs is 100% organic, non-GMO, non-biocide. With our raw material locally farmed, we don’t have to waste time in transportation. As a result, the herb is fresh and full of quality. We make sure the farming and harvesting are proper. No harm to the environtment or people.

Our Factory

Our Facotry is located at (Address) Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand. Founded in 1978 along side Attawut Thai traditional medical center. The factory is GMP certified dedicated to manufacture herbal medicines as an alternative medicine for public. We extract the herb powder and coat the powder to seal in the quality. Our non-chemical copyright herb extraction techniqe is giving us the best quality herbal medicine in the market, and giving our clients the most benefits.

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Our Shop

Our physical shop is located at Attawut Thai traditional medical center (address). Here, we are providing mecical examination and also having all of our product available for purchase. Our patients can come visit and consult with doctors and pharmacists directly.

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